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Redesigning the NFL – in Pink?

How do you promote breast cancer awareness at a football game? How do you work the symbol of the fight against breast cancer — the pink ribbon — into the design of the NFL?

Anyone who sat down to watch an American football game this weekend was sure to notice that the league has been taken over by pink. You’ll be seeing players, coaches and referees in pink throughout the month of October, in support of the fight against breast cancer. All apparel worn at games by players and coaches, as well as the special K-balls and pink coins will be auctioned off with proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society and team charities. has put together some great information if you’d like to learn more. In addition, if you would like to support this cause and your favorite team by purchasing Breast Cancer Awareness gear, just visit

As as a designer, I can’t help thinking of the design of it all. How do you promote breast cancer awareness at a football game? How do you work the symbol of the fight against breast cancer — the pink ribbon — into the design of the NFL?

As I watched the games this weekend, I was surprised by the details, and I was impressed by the overall effect. I know there were many challenges here, and I think that those challenges were met successfully.

This is why I love the way the NFL integrated breast cancer awareness into the game:

star The pinks they’ve used are strong. They work well with the team colors and they pop on a football field.

star The items that are pink draw just enough attention to peak curiosity and start a conversation. They’ve avoided draping the stadiums, players and fans in pepto-pink.

star The players have been given choices. They’ve managed to introduce pink items into the player wardrobe without affecting any player’s comfort. The players have been allowed to choose which items they would wear during the game: gloves, shoes, wrist bands, arm bands, wraps, towels, stickers, etc. It adds interest, and keeps the players happy.

star Designs were varied to add interest, and to satisfy player needs. More than one type of glove, more than one type of shoe, and various hat designs were seen on different players and teams. It made each person’s choices seem more personal and purposeful.

star Subtleties added beauty. There were tiny details everywhere — an obvious attention to quality in design.

star The support is carried throughout. Coaches, refs, players, fans, waterboys — everyone is part of this.

You know how I feel about it, now check out the designs for yourself. Below is a collection of photos that show the beauty of the design behind the new, pinker NFL. For many more photos and larger uncropped versions of the photos here, visit What do you think? Would you have done anything differently? Share your opinion in the comments below!


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I don’t see anything wrong with guys wearing pink. It’s nice to know that NFL players are willing to support the breast cancer awareness month. Hope all people will start to support this campaign.

Great post I was wondering why the giants were wearing pink gloves. =) I think its a good way to create awareness to a large audience.


I’ve seen so many sites who supported and keep on supporting this breast cancer awareness campaign. Looking forward to other people who are very much willing to help.
.-= Paul Jean´s last blog ..Toned Abs: Debunking the Myths that Hold you Back =-.


I’m a huge football fan, mostly college football, but NFL as well. I absolutely loved that they did this and I love your breakdown of it. The same exact thoughts were going through my mind as I watched these games. I even found myself almost resenting the players/coaching staff who WEREN’T wearing some sort of hot pink!

Great post!


There we have it, Proof! Cancer Charities exist only to raise funds for their organizations. We would have had a cure for cancer over 20 years ago. But they’re earning too much money from it.

Just think how much they had to pay NFL to partnership for this event. You think the NFL did it for free? Get real. Cancer is a business. And it’s making someone really good money.

I would never donate money to that organization. And I seriously doubt “breast cancer” needs more awareness. If people don’t know about it yet, or where they can send their money, they’ve been living in a box. Cancer spends more money on advertising than Viagra.

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