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Craziest Search Terms: An Open Discussion

Quite a few people land on Creative Opera through a search engine. Most of the time, they are searching for something design related. But, sometimes, the search terms used to bring visitors to this blog just don’t make any sense at all.

A while back, Lee Munroe put together a really nice post, Popular Design Blogs Share Their Stats. One of the most entertaining parts of this post was where the bloggers shared the most obscure keyword someone had used to arrive at their sites. Through the past months, as I’ve reviewed my Google Analytics, I’ve found some pretty obscure search terms myself. I can’t believe that people have landed on Creative Opera by searching for some of these phrases! I thought I would share the craziest ones with you:

star things you can do with someone you like

star Ann Landers Living Living at Home Preparing for Life

star can you give your money away once you start working after highschool

star Cheap Limo Hire

star comments about the world ending

star how to put beautiful design in Microsoft Word

star Near: Minneapolis Within: 15mi

star Stuff to do, to help you become hyper whilst with a group of friends

I’m sure that many of you have websites of your own. So, now, I’d love to know, what are some of the craziest search terms your visitors have used to find you?

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I had have visitors arrive on my blog though some pretty bizarre search terms! One that has always alarmed me is the “blood animation”, and “bird flying animated blood” combination that has pulled in visitors like a fly trap!

Many moons ago I had an old static portfolio website and on there I had a little flash game I did for a class in one of the early years of my degree. My game was called “Protect the Milkman” – so the players had to protect the Milkman from a breed of mutant Magpies and shoot them to help him complete his delivery!

Bizarre I know, but in a nutshell, them old graphics of the bird animation/blood animation are still in an old sub-folder on my server so it seems to still keep bringing in visitors! I haven’t had the courage to delete it completely off there yet!
.-= Mark McCorkell´s last blog ..Typographic Helvetica Posters =-.

Manda Reply:

LOL! Who would have thought that flying bird blood would be so popular?


I get a lot random ‘female’ related queries due to my female web designer posts. Also found this

“web sexy can ireland”

Thanks for the mention Manda :)
.-= Lee Munroe´s last blog ..The Web Design Process Start to Finish =-.

Manda Reply:

I suppose you could take that as a compliment? :)


I’ve been getting a few crazy search terms like ants in ramen as well as WordPressFun/extra-content-two.php on line 7. The last one really had me going O.o.
.-= David´s last blog ..34 Wood Social Media Icons =-.

Manda Reply:

Ants in Ramen? I’m trying to imagine the situation of the person searching for that phrase…


For, some of my design posts are music related so I often get weird music queries like:

- stephen tyler falls of stage
- diana ross cover of sesame street song
- typeset lyrics to bizarre triangle

Manda Reply:

I couldn’t resist looking for the Diana Ross song:


did banksy every paint darth vader in lisbon?
.-= chungdesigns´s last blog ..Beacon (Not To Be Confused With Bacon :) by [ Hungry Hungry ] =-.

Manda Reply:

I think you win for weirdest search term!!


I’ve been seeing another one quite a lot this week – “animasi burung”!

I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I attempted to do a Google translate on it and I think it’s something to do with birds again. :-O
.-= Mark McCorkell´s last blog ..Graphic Design Portfolio August 09 =-.

Manda Reply:

I noticed that your site redesign features birds. Were your analytics search terms an inspiration for that?


The same thing happens to me when I check my analytics stats. The next thing I do is google the weird words but most of the time, my site doesn’t show up there. Could it be some kind of referrer errors?
I couldn’t find this site for “Cheap Limo Hire” for example…
.-= raphael´s last blog ..How to Find Out If a Subject Is in the Hypnotic Trance =-.

Manda Reply:

I think that it must be way back deep in the search. I tried the same thing, and it doesn’t come up early in the search pages, but I think it must be back on page 85 or something. Otherwise it’s just a Google Analytics conspiricy to drive us crazy trying to figure out how our sites are coming up in these nutty search term results!

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