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Beautiful Design Resumes & their Matching Portfolio Sites

It seems like most design resumes are too hot (so over-the-top creative that they are hard to read) or too cold (boring old Microsoft Word); this batch is just right. Bonus resume tips have been included at the end of the post!

Being creative is second nature to most designers. And, since we are normally constricted by the requests of clients, the chance to design your own online portfolio usually gives way to a cutting-edge design that pushes the limits of the everyday norm. This is the fun part. A chance to go crazy and do something that YOU like — just for yourself. But then it’s time to design your resume. How do you create something to accompany your brilliant website? How do you keep it legible, clean, and professional — yet show your creative side? How do you make it clear that your resume and website are partners — born of the same designer — without going overboard?

Take note from these professionals (and students). They have managed to create professional, clean, typographically interesting resumes that are organized, easy to read, yet still creative. Check out these beautiful resumes, and their accompanying portfolio websites. Just click on the resume thumbnails to download the original pdf, or click on the website screenshots to visit the designer’s site.


Calvan Riley

cavanriley-resume2 cavanriley-portfolio21


Diana Wan

dianawan-resume dianawan-portfolio


F. Claire Scroggins

fclairescroggins-resume fclairescroggins-portfolio


Ian Macnider

ianmacnider-resume ianmacnider-portfolio


Joe Lifrieri

joelifrieri-resume joelifrieri-portfolio


John Mork

johnmork-resume johnmork-portfolio


John Pattison

johnpattison-resume johnpattison-portfolio


Joyce Lee

joycelee-resume joycelee-portfolio

Kamil Mytnik

kamilmytnick-resume kamilmytnick-portfolio


Loretta Petkova

lorettapetkova-resume lorettapetkova-portfolio


Michael Shelton

michaelshelton-resume michaelshelton-portfolio


Mig Reyes

migreyes-resume migreyes-portfolio


Nick Santore

nicksantore-resume nicksantore-portfolio


Paul Parson

paulparson-resume paulparson-portfolio


Paul Wilde L’Heureux

paulwildelheureux-resume paulwildelheureux-portfolio


Renee Richards

reneerichards-resume reneerichards-portfolio


Sebastien Nikolaou

sebastiennikolaou-resume sebastiennikolaou-portfolio


Hopefully you were able to learn a little something from these examples, and pick up some inspiration for your own resumes. Here are some things that are crucial to remember when designing your resume:

1. If the job you are applying to has resume requirements, follow them. Even if it means keeping a Word version of your resume for such occasions.

2. Typography is key. This is your potential employer’s first chance to judge your design skills, and almost all design includes some form of type. You are expected to refine and perfect your text layout on your resume just as you would a design for a client.

3. Organization is also key. If people can’t find your information, they won’t be calling you. Some design positions bring in hundreds of resumes daily. There is no time to search for information.

4. Spell check. Spell check again. Read your resume out loud to catch any errors you may have missed. Have a friend proofread. Have someone else proofread. And, then run one more spell check. You don’t want to miss out on a job because you used you’re instead of your, or to instead of too.

5. Legibility is a must. Most interviewers will not be in their twenties. Keep your text legible — dark enough and large enough for the average person to read. Ask a parent or relative who is a little older to give you an honest opinion about the legibility of your resume. If you are planning to fax it, legibility is even more important. Do a test fax to make sure that your page is coming across clearly.

6. Less is more. If you try to add graphics to your resume, you’ll see that there is a VERY fine line between creative and cheesey. When in doubt, stick to creative type and minimal use of color. A good designer should be able to use type in an interesting way — without the need for photos or drawings.

7. Leave your photo off of your resume. Unless you’re interviewing for a modeling job.

8. Make sure your resume is standard size, standard orientation, and on one page if possible. You don’t want it to get lost in a stack, or be annoying to file.

9. Stick to clean paper. Leave the cheesey parchment resume paper for the family holiday letter. As a designer, your creative type should make your statement for you — not the paper with the clouds on it.

10. Don’t forget your grid. The grid you use when creating a graphic layout applies here also. Your resume should be balanced and pleasing to the eye.

11. Keep away from decorative, swirly, circus, crazy, or ridiculous fonts. Again, clean and professional type is best.

12. Don’t forget to be yourself. Remember, the company you are interviewing for is looking for a creative person. Leave the cookie-cutter objective statements for your high-school resume-writing class. Show them who you really are with a few creative statements in your own language. Just remember to keep it professional (you don’t want to offend anyone or turn anyone off) — but not law-school-graduate professional.

Bonus: Check out this fantastic post from Smashing Magazine offering even more advice and inspiration: How To Create A Great Web Design CV and Résumé?

Hopefully this post will be useful to some of you. Good luck with your resumes!

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Another stellar post.


Nice to see how other designers promote themselves


Hey there. Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for including my resume and website in this list. It’s a pleasure and an honor, some really great design here!


Chris and Carl, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. I know I always need a little inspiration when it’s time to design a new resume!

Mig, I’m honored you stopped by. Love your work!


Hey, just ran across this post and wanted to thank you for including me in your list – I’m always flattered & humbled to see that my work is inspirational to others!

Manda Reply:

Thanks for stopping by, and keep up the fantastic design work!

[...] Working on your resume and looking for more inspiration? You might be interested in this Creative Opera post featuring Beautiful Design Resumes and their Matching Portfolio Websites. [...]


How did you even begin compiling a list like this?
Oh the inspiration!


Wow this is an amazing collection. Thank you for sharing :) I feel inspired…


I am surprised to see this!! Thank yoooo. E>

[...] Beautiful Design Resumes and their Matching Portfolio Websites [...]


Beautiful Design Resumes and their Matching Portfolio Websites…

Some great examples of designers who’ve done an excellent job of matching their hard copy resumes with their online portfolios….


I’m glad that you are all finding this post useful!

To answer your question Daisy, it took FOREVER to create this post!! I actually googled “download a pdf of my resume” and “resume pdf,” and then clicked on HUNDREDS of them, bookmarking my favorites until I had enough for the post.

I just remember being a senior design student, and having NO IDEA what other designers were doing with their resumes. Our books had all of these old lame samples in them, LOL! I wanted to put something out there that would fill that need for other new designers. I’m so glad you’re all liking it :)

Of course, I never could have done it without the talented students and designers that created these wonderfully original site and resumes, so many thanks to them, and best wishes to them in their search for the perfect job!


Very important information provided ……..

[...] See the article here: Beautiful Design Resumes & their Matching Portfolio Sites | Creative Opera Design Blog: Creative… [...]


I just noticed my resume and website were posted here! Wow! Thank you so much for using it as an example! I see others have some really amazing work too!


Hi Mandra,

I’m honored to be considered as inspiring; I believe this is the first time my site has been considered as such. Only reason I even found this is because my daily traffic jumped all the way to 20 users.

One thing though, theres no “L” in my name; It’s just Cavan. Neat post, it’s nice to see how other people approach designing for themselves. I consider it the toughest thing to do.

For those of you attempting to design your own portfolio; it can be frustrating but keep at it. I went through many designs (several years worth) before finally coming up with an idea that was worth building into a site. Luckily I started well before I graduated school. :)


Really awesome work dear. Thanks a lot

[...] Beautiful Design Resumes & their Matching Portfolio Sites (tags: webdesign inspiration resume portfolio) [...]


Very nice and professional resumes. Thanks!

[...] löjligt bra med att presentera sig själva. Om det är en rättvisande bild eller inte som ges av dessas portfolios har jag ju ingen aning om, men – shit, vilka portfolios. Här ligger man i [...]

[...] view further examples, links to these portfolios, and to read the original post, please visit, brilliantly written and curated by Manda [...]


Nice article. Wish we were given some of this kind of inspiration from our University courses! We’ve also written a brief article for new designers on things to consider when applying for a job. You can view it here:

design career advice

Hopefully it might just help someone to get moving in the right directions.

Thanks for posting.


Now I am inspired to design my resume it was bad but thanks to the wow factor and the amazing unique talent I am ready to advertise me for the better


Great! Roundups is your thing :) As with the Twitter/Corporate roundup!

[...] Beautiful Design Resumes & their Matching Portfolio Sites | Creative Opera Design Blog: Crea… Being creative is second nature to most designers. And, since we are normally constricted by the requests of clients, the chance to design your own online portfolio usually gives way to a cutting-edge design that pushes the limits of the everyday norm. This is the fun part. [...]


Wonderful collection! I feel totally fine in my company, but these resumes were so fun and engaging to look at, that I’d like to quit my job just to have a real reason for creating such stunning resume!


Very nice, add one more to the list… :)


Brilliant designs! These are the themes that I’m looking for. Thanks for sharing! Just to add, there’s a resume design service from They have professional designers that have exemplary skills in building creative resumes.


Beautiful! I love it!


These designs are typographically interesting and certainly attracts attention. If you need more of these designs that you can visit this site that also features creative resume templates: They offer professional and creatively designed cv layouts.


Your CommentsResume needs to stand out! :)
check out mine:

how do you like it?


Hi, I doo think this iss an excellent website. I stumbledupon itt ;) I am going too come back once agaun since i have bpok marked it.

Money and freedom is the greayest wayy to change, may you bbe rich and continue to
guide other people.

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